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Matt's Hat

 As you can see this hat has been through a lot and served Matt well from May until August of 2008.  Despite one of the hottest summers on record this hat showed up day after day to shade him from the sun, enduring attacks from sweat, duct sealant and the olfactory objections of co-wprkers.  Sadly, this hat was left on a job site one hot afternoon and found the next day, soaking wet in a trash can.  This 'Iron Man' is part of the inaugural class inducted into the AKF Hall of Fame.

The Compass

Need a circle?  This 2008 inductee into the AKF Hall of Fame has served the Ellisor family for generations and now finds itself in semi-retirement, used only when absolutely needed for the perfect circle.

Dave's 'Stache

Go ahead! Touch it!  The powers of his mustache are well-known around Austin and the world.  It prevents bees from entering his mouth should they fly into his can of Fanta.  It holds enough beer that he need only take a sip half as often as normal men.  It hides scars holding tales far longer than its lengthy bristles.  It is the engine that keeps AKF moving.